• About our cashmere wool

    Cashmere wool is one of the most pleasant and comfortable wool fibers of all and is also ideal for particularly sensitive skin types.

    Cashmere wool is not only particularly soft, but also very light and cuddly.

    In addition, cashmere is a natural fiber with the best climate properties.

    Cashmere wool creates a dry and healthy warmth, as cashmere can not only absorb a lot of moisture from the body, but also wicks it away to the outside.

    This is one of the reasons why cashmere wool has become a popular material for baby clothing.

    The following quality features are of particular importance for cashmere wool:

    The fiber length determines the pilling

    With the premium cashmere wool we offer, only
    the longest fibers used for manufacture. They will be hand
    sorted and have an average length of approx. 40 mm. This is
    the longest naturally occurring fiber length and conditional
    lowest possible pilling.

    The fiber fineness determines the softness

    The average fiber fineness of the wool we offer is 15.4 microns.

    There are slight differences between the colors of Lang Yarns Noble yarns.

1. Origin of cashmere wool

In the case of particularly high-quality cashmere wool, the raw wool preferably comes from Mongolia.

The cashmere goats live here under extreme climatic conditions. Cashmere goats develop their particularly warm coat to protect them from the icy cold combined with strong winds.

2. Extraction and processing of the raw wool

The finest and softest cashmere fibers are obtained from the abdominal fur of cashmere goats by combing them out. About 200 g of wool can be produced per goat and year.

This explains the high price of cashmere wool.